Visa exemption and related clauses

The world in which we live in is distributed into seven continents and more than 200 countries. The countries have their own laws pertaining to different sectors where administration at large is required for maintaining peace and establish order at large. The need for administration also arises when people from one country want to enter other lands at will. The national movement of people is facilitated under the application of certain rules and regulations as formed under mutual agreement between the two concerned nations. For instance, the Australian government requires the citizens of other countries who want to move into their lands to carry visas if they want to stay for some time period. But the mutual agreement of the two countries concerned may try to provide an exemption to the person who wants to move into Australia.

The possession of Australia ETA exempts the immigrant to hold any sort of visa if and only if his stay in the lands is planned for less than three months in total. The stay regulations are served with the helped of electronic travel authority certification that operates under the guidance of Australian department of www eta immi gov au. The presence of the authority certification is required if the person does not hold any other kind of AU visa where there arises no need to have the eta. The process of applying for Australia eta is pretty much simpler for the tasks are taking place over the internet by a plain filling of application forms along with the attachment of the valid documentation. Once the eta application is successfully processed and applied, the number for electronic travel authority certificate is allotted and linked to the passport of the person concerned. Hence, it is much simpler for the immigrants to hold Australian ETA instead of AU visa.