Trending designs in Abaya

Abaya is undoubtedly the most important part of Muslim women clothing. No matter how modern, outspoken, or well-educated a Muslim woman becomes, she is always going to cover herself under the protection of abaya. So, if there is no way escaping this part of clothing, how about adding up some spices to the old boring black abaya?

The world of fashion is changing at a fast pace and one just cannot be left behind and so does the world of Abaya. There are many changes that are being made to abaya while keeping in mind the basic value the clothing carries for Muslim women. With the recent changes made in the abaya, we are sharing some of the trending designs one can now find in abaya.

  • Sports abaya

Muslim women are competing and challenging the sports world. To stick to their tradition and culture, Muslim women now opt for sports abaya to do their practice in. There are different fabrics available too when buying sports abaya. The clothing has also been accepted in many countries.

  • Open abaya

Open abaya is another amazing trend that has made its way into the closet of every single Muslim woman. It follows almost the same pattern of the abaya with the only slit in the front. One has to pair it with another long clothing or bottom wear.

  • Abaya shrugs

Today, abaya shrugs too have become an important part of the fashion industry. The look of abaya shrugs give an amazing effect to the overall clothing and it also goes well with any pair, be it western or traditional.

So, these are some of the latest trends in abaya that you must look for and should add in your clothing. You can wear them on different occasions, and still stick to your old traditions, keeping its respect and importance.