The Growing Importance of Student Examination Analysis system

Academic success is important because it is strongly linked to the most positive outcome of what everyone desire. They provide a successful path for all walks of life and for the development of young people in society. Students might have varying skills like critical thinking, intelligence and others, apparently examinations are conducted to evaluate the knowledge and ability of the students. Through the examinations, students develop the ability to express their thought and how well they have understood the concept.

Similarly parents believe that examination can stimulate more enriched activities and projects for their children. They want them to win more A’s to block spots in the top universities. Apparently, on the other hands, students feel it as a pressure cooker environment.

They are over-stressed and seem as an evil. They don’t know to handle low scores and poor exam results. They feel embarrassed to face their parents after bad exams results, so they start playing dirty tricks by plotting proxy parent signature on their exam slips to hide their disappointments. This is often a challenging situation for their parents, when they are not able to know the performance of their son or daughter.

Importance of Student Examination Analysis System

However Student Examination Analysis System gives a chance for the parents to know about the progress of their kids. Saps is an application or portal developed by the Ministry of Malaysia, that enables the parents to access the site and retrieve the child examination results. Parents can verify the outcomes of the examination results like PT3 and STPM.

Student Examination Analysis System (SAPS) will help parents monitor their children performance and help to improvise the aspects in which the kid is lagging. This also makes the parents more interactive with their kids and identify their skills.