Miss Abaya – Online Store for Abaya

Abaya or cloak is also called as aba. It is a simple garment, loose over and essentially it is a dress worn by women in the Muslim world. Traditionally black abaya is worn and is prepared using a large square of fabric which is draped from the shoulders or head and it looks like a long caftan. The whole body is covered except head, feet, and hands with the abaya.

Nowadays, online shopping is increased. Abaya online is also available with variety and trendy fashion. Miss Abaya is an online store which is recognized in the UK and is one of the global Islamic brands. They embrace abaya and make the Islamic fashion accessible to all woman. Black abaya and other colorful abayas are available online.


Miss Abaya is open 24/7 and is always active and updates their collection. Miss Abaya store was opened in London in 1989, with the idea of selling different styles, designs and flows of abayas, although without affecting its modesty. Fine fabrics are used for creating black abaya, and thorough care is taken at each detail of abaya and still, they are successful in creating trendy and designer abayas on board. After the success of the London store, Miss abaya team decided to bring the abaya online. They are the online store dealing in the creation of different styles of abayas, such as elegant abayas for every function, work abayas, abaya dress, kimono abaya and pleated abaya.

Miss Abaya is dealing with customers successfully from past two decades. Their devotion in tailoring the best abayas is seen in their products and commitment in delivering best to their customers. Their dedication to creating a wonderful experience for their customers is the result of their growing well in the market and continuously increasing their faith among customers year after year.