Learning basic before heading out on your Umrah Journey

Muslims have always been known a diehard devote of their religion. They follow it like no other religion does. They are also different when it comes to their practice, traditions, and rituals. In every Muslim’s life, the aim of paying a visit at Hajj and Umrah stays on the top. All their life, they plan for their sacred journey, and when the time comes, they leave no stone unturned to make the best of their journey. If you are leaving for umrah in coming days, then you must learn a few basic things that can help you a lot in your entire journey. But before anything look for the best Umrah packages to ensure your journey with less hardship and struggle.

  • For your Umrah, it is very important that you learn funeral prayer at the first. This is important because the funeral prayers will take place every 5 days of prayers including Friday.


  • There is a special dress code while you are in Umrah. Men are instructed to wear white clothes as Irham. A piece of white cloth up to the waist and another piece of white sheet to cover the upper body part. For women, their ordinary clothes are Imrah.
  • There is also a strict rule for wearing footwear. Both men and women should wear flip-flops as the middle bone of the upper part of feet should not be covered.
  • Learn a few basic Arabic words to take up a conversation with the local in the time of needs. It will also add to your knowledge of one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

Apart from these basic, you must plan your journey beforehand to ensure that you are reaching on time and not being left behind. Some travel agents can help you getting Umrah Visa and best packages.