Johannes Leonardo has been developed by Two Individuals

In the advertising world, everyone may have heard about Johannes Leonardo. It is one of the best and finest advertising agency right now. It was founded by Johannes Jacobs and Leonardo Premutico, who were formerly associated with Saatchi & Saatchi New York. Both of them were there in the capacity of Executive Creative Director and had done some magnificent campaigns during the stint. However, they started their ad company not long ago and in fact, their highly successful ad firm has not even completed 10 years into the business and has yet made superior progress. They are very well known for the ads made by them, especially ads of Bacardi, Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch InBev and Google. All these ads have been quite welcoming. The people and the industry have liked them a lot. There have been much buzz due to them and that is why, they can be any company’s first choice for creating an ad.

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  • It has earned some deserving laurels – Due to their work, Johannes Leonardo has earned some very high-class awards that are prestigious and highly regarded in the ad industry. The Clios and Cannes Lions have highlighted their work and congratulated them for creating ads that can be worth a treat. Similarly, their work “talking stain” has been named by Advertising Age as being amongst the top 20 Super Bowl ads of all time and that can be quite a compliment for the kind of tournament that Super Bowl is. The commendations and adulations are quite justified for the company due to the kind of work that has been continuously dished out by it.
  • Basically, both of them can be playful – Both the co-founders of Johannes Leonardo can be expected to be into their projects with whole heart and soul along with their team. But at the same time, these two individuals can be quite playful at heart. In fact, during an interview, both of them have said on record that they hardly like to be in their formals and suits. Rather, they would like to be in their t-shirt during work as that can help them in being more creative. Now, this can be quite frank!

However, hope the company carries on with the kind of performance they have been doling out since the last few years.