How to play shadow fight game


The player can play shadow fight 3 games online. Time to time will get the update and many features. Shadow game 3 is the third series of the Nekki. At offline, the player will not able play the game for the last longer.  So it is better to play online itself. So here are few ways to play the shadow fight 3 games. Shadow fight hack 3 can generate many gems. It has the best online hack service.

Fighting –

Fighting is an essential point in the shadow fight 3 games. The player should not be ugly for the button mash. The player can hit and punch the button many times in the game but when the player is opposite to the human it will not work. The player should keep the one eye on the opponent player and plot the attack. To create the way for yourself, the player can block the route to be safe so that it is free.

Shadow energy –

By filling up the blue bar underneath health bar can be formed with the shadow energy. Player, it can do by mixing the moves.

To inflict some damage on the enemy, the player can use the shadow energy button with directional body pad.

When the player will be in the shadow mode it will help to become an invincible but it gives the hard and powerful attack to the opposite player. But the player has been careful and have to be far from there opposite player.

Upgrade equipment-

By card packs and by completing quest player you can earn the new equipment. It is a slow process but effective to pay attention. Whenever get the chance add the special ability and also should focus on the high stat equipment. The player can mix the weapons depends on the benefit they provide. Player also should focus on, what suits and works for them.

Players can upload and download for free the version of hack shadow fight 3 at online. It provides unlimited gems and coins.