How to keep outside pet away from your boundary area?

If you love farming and gardening and live in area where stray or wild pets are common, then you would have felt the pain of the damage they do to them. The stray pets love to come to place where gardening is there or some farming is there. Normally they come for food and sometimes do more damage than good. Also if you are having some other pet then they can try to reproduce with them or can do damage to them as well. This makes it more important to keep the outside pet away from boundary area.


Many people try to build the invisible fence for dogs in order to keep the stray dog away from their boundary. It is a set of cable which is spread underground and poles are created to keep the shock to animal who ever tries to cross the wire. They are one of the best way to keep stray dogs away. However if you have a weak species of pet dogs then you should adjust the current and amperage accordingly so that it doesn’t damage your dogs. It however then fail the purpose of fencing as there are high chances that stray dogs will cross the areal.

Other option if front of you as owner is the electric dog fence. These are the physically visible fences which can be set up in the boundary. This will restrict the outside dogs to come into your surroundings. Even if they try forcefully to enter they will receive the shock and will not try that again. This is the most common used form of fencing and still lot many people prefer to use them in keeping the stray pets away from their boundary area. You can also use the same in future to keep the pet away from your place.