Dating: Online Dating or Real Life Dating Which Is Better?

Dating is a very basic thing that leads to a relation. This is where it all starts. Two people interested in each other meet and talk about one another. It could be romantic, funny or intense. There are a lot of emotions related to dating. Sometimes a date may not work as planned and that could be a signal to move on.

Real life dating:

In real life dating the physical presence is the main objective. There can be no virtuosity. The people are real and the feelings are real. Acceptance and rejections come along the way. There is the butterfly in the stomach feeling involved in real life dating.

In real life dating often you may not fall for the beauty of the person. The other mannerisms such as intellect, hobbies and nature may influence the decision. You get to experience the life of the other person too.


Online dating:

In online dating it starts by the use of a dating app. The app. allows you to browse through various people and their information. Similarly other people can view your profile as well. This way the pool of choice is large but the physical presence of the person is missing.

The fear of rejection is not there with dating apps. The app allows two people to chat only when both people like each other. This is one way that allows a lot of safety. There are no hard feelings or revenge involved.

In the modern world online dating is growing fast and is the future. But compared to real life dating the fun facts are missing. Yes the safety issues are better but it also has certain flaws as leakage f personal details. The virtual world can be misleading at times but the reality is more concerned about presenting the truth.