Common mistakes causing dry flaky skin under eyes

Before jumping into what mistakes you are doing to cause dry skin under eyes, let us know how to treat skin around eyes tips Our eye area is very sensitive and can easily show symptoms in case there is any problem. Age is the most common factor of dry skin patch under eyes. As we age, the under eye skin loses collagen and becomes thinner leading to itchy and dry skin. Other mistakes we will be discussing but if you want to know more you can refer article on under eye dryness. Here are some of the mistakes that you do and which have to be avoided:

how to treat skin around eyes tips

  1. Not removing make-up: After a tiring day, all we want is to go to bed. Following a skin regime is really difficult but it is must to get a healthy skin. It’s very much advised not to wear make-up and go to skin. The harsh chemicals in your cosmetics can damage your skin.
  2. Using alcohol based products: Often the make-up remover solutions are alcohol based and can dry up your skin. So it advised to use only oil based ones and not to directly apply to your eye area.
  3. Using harsh hair and skin products: harsh chemicals in your products are harmful for your skin. ecellulitis tips for skin under eye treatment is to avoid such products.
  4. Not drinking enough water: Not drinking enough water can make your skin dehydrated. If your skin is not hydrated you can see flaky skin under eyes.
  5. Not investing in an eye cream: As you age, you will find your skin under eyes getting much thinner. So it’s very much important that you invest in a goo under eye cream and apply it religiously every night.